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  Client:  Juliana Corona Trainer:  Jes Murphy My journey with Jes commenced a little over 12 months ago when I approached her almost at the end of my tether weight wise. Years of yo-yoing and trying different weightloss programs with no fixed/long term results. I weighed 71kg and 26% body fat. The initial goal with Jes was purely weightloss and changing my lifestyle to keep it off for good. About nine months into it just doing the minimum, I saw Jes go through her comp prep and asked her questions along the way. After chatting to a few clients at the IFBB show in March I finally talked myself into taking the plunge and setting a goal to enter a comp. I spoke with Jes in May 2013 and we decided on the INBA show in Sept with my full preparations not commencing until my return from a European holiday. On my return 14 weeks out from comp I weighed 65kg and 21% body fat. I knew it would be a hard road to get to “comp size” but having Jes as my coach has made the journey all the more stress free as she walks the walk and talks the talk. This I know from personal experience in seeing and talking to her about her comp preps. Jes leads by example and I could not ask for more in my coach. “Getting it done the fun way” is one of her mottos and even though you are being pushed to your perceived limits, she always pushes a little more and lo and behold you just reached a new limit. And you leave with the biggest smile on your face knowing you have achieved more than you knew you could. Now four weeks out from comp and down to [insert weight] and [insert bf%].
Juliana before and after

Juliana before and after

This whole journey has taught me to be more disciplined and organised. I never would have described myself as determined, dedicated and inspiring but this is how friends and family are now talking about me. It has changed me from the inside out. In saying that, it would not have been possible without Jes and the Clean Health team. For that, a simple thank you is not enough. I am forever grateful to Jes for her time (those early morning intervals even before the crack of dawn!), endless questions answered, dedication and personal sacrifice in the midst of her own preparations to get me to where I am today.   #chasingmurphy #murphyeffect #shredtrain #gettingitdonethefunway #compprep #lifestyleoverhaul #grateful #chpc #lovemytrainer

Testimonial from Mel

Testimonial from Mel

Testimonial from Mel

I started training with Jes in Sept 2012, having had 3 children in the space of 5 years and really wanted to get my fitness and strength back on track, and after only 6 months I have already achieved great results by following her training program and nutrional advice. Jes is very knowledgable and knows how to tailor her programs to suit your individual goals, and has the skills to get the best out of you in each training session. She is also someone who sets a great example for her clients through her own training and lifestyle, and has a passion for the fitness industry. With Jes' encouragement I also recently achieved two long term goals - I competed my first Figure competition and also became a qualified Personal Trainer - two things I probably wouldn't have done without her support. SO if you are serious about getting results and are ready to make some positive changes, I have no hesitation in recommending Jes.

JAMES CANT Fitness Model Competitor & Natural Body Builder

  James cant 0ct2012_IMG_1029   Shredded Ethel Sons     JAMES CANT 2012 Fitness model - Rising young champion INBA NSW Male Athlete 1st place 2012 ANB Nationals Male Fitness Model Photographers Award 2012 'Jes Murphy is the single most enthusiastic, passionate person I know. At the beginning of 2012 I decided I was going to begin training for my first bodybuilding comptition in September, which is where I sought Jes' help and advice. For over twelve weeks I trained/dieted with Jes and under her direction I decreased my bodyfat by roughly 5% and gained 5 kgs of lean muscle! In this time I also won the INBA NSW Athletic Male title.'

Tenille Hibbert – ANB Nationals Transformation

Tenille before& after               Tenille Hibbert - 2012 ANB Nationals Transformation My name is Tenille Hibbert 6 months ago I had a goal of getting up on stage to compete in a bikini/ sports model comp! Jes Murphy helped me every step of the way with her knowledge in nutrition and training. With out Jes this would have been impossible! Jes Murphy is a very experienced personal trainer I'll continue to see her as she makes me work to my full potential and keeps me on track to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Whatever your goal, what ever your dream Jes Murphy can help you!!

Mikey Davidson Male Fitness Model and Novice Body Builder

Mikey Davidson  Ethel Street Personal Trainer Mikey transformed young Ethel shredder 2012 was the year that I wanted to change myself physically and mentally. I was lucky enough to find my way to Jes Murphy! Having decided I wanted to change my physique and compete in 2012 it was essential that I had a personal trainer and coach that could help me reach my goals. Jes provided me with all the tools and knowledge that I needed to reach and surpass my goals and expectations. Through nutritional advice, advanced training programs and plenty of mentoring along the way. Being new to Poliquin and not having any diet or nutritional knowledge myself Jes had to explain and make sure I understood everything. Jes was able to help me along the way answering hundreds of questions every week at all hours of the day and was always happy to help and explain no matter what the situation or challenge at hand be it training, supplements, diets or even just life itself. Body Building is one of the most challenging things a person can do mentally and physically, having a coach like Jes can make the difference between succeeding and failing. Jes is not only an amazing personal trainer, but a mentor and role model for many including myself. Jes’s passion and attitude towards the fitness industry has inspired me to become a personal trainer myself and can only hope to reach the level of Jes’s knowledge and respect within the industry. Jes Murphy, Ethel Street Muscle and Fitness and Clean Health helped me change my life, anyone who is looking to do the same should get involved without a second thought

IFBB Bikini Model – Steph Vella

"Jes was my personal trainer. She is an excellent trainer. She is very inspirational, motivating and always confident in me and my abilities. I was new to the Poliquin style of exercise and through Jes’s training I have become quite competent at it and now love it. Each session was enjoyable while being focused and she knew how to push me to my max physically and mentally while ensuring my form and technique was spot on. There were multiple times Jes went beyond her requirements as a trainer giving me extra time and effort personally - Keeping me on track , answering all my questions, preparation for my competition and  friendship. She was detrimental in my great results - 5.7% drop in BF and 3.8kg increase in muscle. I have taken so much out of my time spent working with Jes gaining extra knowledge, strength and skills. She has all the key features to a successful trainer. I can’t wait to work with her again and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to reach their goals and see results."       IFBB Bikini round

Saywood Cotton – Remedial massage therapist, Byron Bay

"Jes Murphy designed my business cards. I was impressed with the unique and striking design. The combination of colours Jes chose were contempory and bright. The end result was a card that stands out and attracts interest and attention. She took a professional, positive, and efficient approach to designing my cards."  

Leah – Naturopath, Epping

"Jes is a great trainer as she always keeps things interesting, stays abreast of new training developments and keeps you motivated to keep improving. Thanks Jes!"

Joyce Ng – Project Lead. Hornsby

"Jes is an excellent motivator. She is constantly upgrading and introducing new exercises into the session which keeps it interesting and fun. Best of all, she listen and adapts to your need on the day rather then just send you thorugh a pre-set routine. Her food knowledge is excellent and handy. Overall, if you have a fitness goal I strongly recommend Jes as a trainer will can motivate and get you there."

Kirsten, Hornsby

"After beginning Personal Training with Jes, I discovered I had an ankle injury but instead of shying away from this, Jes saw this as a learning experience and was highly motivated to keep me in training. I have remained training with Jes for the past few months and whilst having limited mobility, Jes has prepared and overseen a program that has included challenging cardio workouts and weights – both free and machine based. She has modified more traditional exercises so that I can complete them with minimal impact on my ankle whilst still focusing on my goals. Her knowledge on food and nutrition including a trip to the supermarket were invaluable and her overall ability to see the whole person is a credit to her. Jes is a positive trainer who has encouraged me and pushed me to the limits."
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