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Latest Testimonials

Latest Testimonials

Hi Jes, you may not remember me, but i was coached by you for about 6 months. It’s been almost 2 years now since we touched base, but I wanted to share something with you and how your philosophy has changed my life. I’ve lost 10kg through continuing your methods, and am stronger than I’ve ever been.

I wanted to say thank you for
A. Never giving up on me
B. Encouraging me to take life head
C. Reminding me to focus on the bigger picture

I have no disordered eating since following your nutrition guidelines!

Thank you!


3rd of January vs 15th of May ,the photo on the left was the day i decided i need to do something about my life the fact i just keep gaining weight uncontrollably everyday, one day i met a wonderful wonderful nurse that do my nutrition i can't thank you enough Jannica the owner of @codewear.onlineshe believed in me and so passionate about helping me ,introduced me to this wonderful people , did my first consultation with @laura_murphy_pt from @jm_fitness_page , right at that time i felt welcome and my first words were i hate working out my work is so physically demanding and very odd hours i don't think i can commit to it and she just told me everyone start somewhere Joanne it is about you willing to begin the journey or not. Then i started training with my wonderful pt , i came to her with lots of injures and low self esteem @fitkellsydney i can't ever thank her enough , she is not only my trainer she helps me with my rehabilitation not only training she is someone i can connect to and motivate me .Me never ever in my life since i was 14 i ever be under 80 kgs and today i am officially under 80 kgs. Big hugs and thank you to @jes_murphy too that always checking and personalised my program, lastly to @balmain_fitness i am so in love with this place ! i feel supported i never feel more welcome.

Marcus Plummer

Jes Murphy - Game Changer

"I have always been into fitness. I had been training for awhile but started to get bored and felt my progress beginning to plateau as well as my enthusiasm and structure when it came to training. I asked around and kept hearing the name Jes Murphy. As soon as I reached out to Jes to help me with my training I understood why. She immediately took the time to understand not only my goals but why I wanted to achieve them and the best way to fit in a new training program into my day to day life. She completely changed my view on diet and really explained how beneficial it is to not only have a great training program but to compliment this with great nutrition. Since beginning my training with Jes I feel the best I ever have and enjoying my training more than ever. She practices what she preaches and above all genuinely cares. No matter who you are or what goals you have you have to speak to Jes!”


I have achieved my goal and more and am so grateful to you for all you have taught me on this journey and your encouragement of all of us Girls!!

(4 month transformation)

Charles Mckinley

Client Charles Mckinley making some impressive changes under the watchful eye of coach Jes Murphy!

'I came into contact with Jes after she was referred to me by one of my biggest female role models (Marny Rosen) and within our first meeting together I knew she was the right person to take my training and physique to the next level. Within the world of health and fitness there are so many trainers and companies that claim that they have the next big breakthrough that can easily get you to where you want to be, but in reality the only way you can reach your goals is through hard work and determination and in truth that is Jes personified. Her wealth of experience in both fitness modelling and a variety of training methods allows her to guide both newcomers and professionals to not only break the limits of what they thought was possible but gain a newfound understanding of their own body which will transcend to all other aspects of their life.

With Jes’ counsel not only did I achieve a placing twice in my first INBA competition but am also on the verge of signing with one of Sydney’s most renowned modelling agencies with a specific focus on fitness modelling, which was my goal from the outset. On top of that, Jes has a larger than life personality which will always give you that much needed boost when the going gets tough. We have a saying during our sessions together when discussing new strategies for breaking plateaus with that saying being ‘’Textbook’’! A simple translation is that Jes knows what is needed to get results and if you listen and follow her teachings you will not only reach your goals but exceed them.

I can honestly say that in my 5 years within the Fitness Industry Jes is one of the most genuine and hardworking mentor’s I have had the pleasure of working with. Regardless of where you are now or where you want to be in regards to your own individual health and fitness, Jes can get you to where you want to be.'

Teisha Testimonial

Client: Teisha

Coach: Jes Murphy

Service: Comp Prep Package

I’ve always considered myself quiet an active, healthy person. I’ve had a gym membership since I was 15 and been involved with bootcamps and outdoor training sessions. I was never satisfied with how I looked and after lots of fad diets I’ve never got the results I was after.

I came across Clean health over the internet and decided it was time to do something serious. I started training with Jes in January. Since then I’ve lost almost 10KG’s and competed in my first INBA bikini comp. Jes has taught me more than I could imagine about training and nutrition. She has been an excellent coach and great source of information, support and motivation. She has helped me believe in myself and boosted my confidence dramatically. I look forward to my sessions with her every week and push myself because I want to make her proud.

I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds, as I hope to be one of her clients for a long time to come!

Justine Smith

Justine Smith – Testimonial
Client – Justine Smith
Coach – Jes Murphy

At the beginning of 2013 I was looking for an extraordinary personal trainer in an extraordinary gym. And I found both – Jes Murphy at Clean Health.
Jes is a very passionate and bubbly trainer. I am consistently blown away by her knowledge of training, nutrition and supplementation. I have been training with Jes now for over a year and I have never been so excited to train and nor have I ever been so sore week after week – still!
Last year Jes and I spoke about me competing again after retiring 5 years ago and I thought why not. Since then I have competed three times. Knowing Jes is there every step of the way gives me the confidence. We have regular consultations and biosignature assessments to keep everything on track. Training is hard and nothing like I have before. Those squats, leg presses, crazy shoulder workouts, prowlers and Jes yelling out ‘come on Justine!’ have me crawling out of the gym at times, but I am addicted. Jes makes it fun.
I cannot thank Jes enough for her encouragement, dedication and support again this year. I highly recommend Jes to anyone who is willing to train hard and have fun!


Training with Jes has helped me reach my best potential. Every training session she pushes me to limits I never knew I was capable of. I always look forward to my training sessions due to the amount of knowledge I am passed down from Jes and it makes me eager to learn more and set new goals in order to achieve the best body I can. 
While comp prepping with Jes I had many doubts, but she always reassured me I would be fine and the plan I followed would work, which it did and I got to achieve my goal of feeling comfortable in a bikini in front of hundreds of people at the INBA Sydney Natural Physique Titles.
I've never seen such results until I completed a program with Jes.

Faith Testimonial

Client: Faith
Coach: Jes
Service: 10 week Photo shoot prep

Hello Super coach, hope u r well. Here is a sneak peak of my photoshoot, didn't scrub up too badly. Lol. Photographer is still editing so she just sent them thru for me to have a quick look and I wanted to share them with u first and tell you how much I appreciate all your advice and coaching. You truly r an exceptional coach and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together. Saw the girls photos at INBa and they looked fantastic! Hope all went well. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jes! I'll send u final shots when they r finished. Xx

Client: Dhani Miles

Client: Dhani Miles
Coach: Jes Murphy
Service: 8 week Comp prep

I was referred to Jes as one of the best in the industry. The referral was absolutely correct. Her knowledge about the human body and nutrition is phenomenal. Within only six weeks after my initial consultation I was on stage in my first fitness competition. Without Jes this would have been impossible!

I have attached a couple of photos. They will need some cropping etc. I have plenty more if none of these work. The professional ones maybe good when they come back or maybe the one you took of me on stage?

Thanks so much for all your help. The transformation on my body in such a short period really was amazing. 

Alissa Peck Testimonial

I first started training with Jes in February this year. After weight training for the last year and a half I decided to do some research and find a new personal trainer who was going to help me reach my goals and live my dreams.
I needed to find a trainer who had not just expertise in this area of competition prep but also a trainer who had competed themself, is motivated, dedicated and most importantly practised what they preached.
Jes ticked all the boxes. 
I start my 20 week prep next week and I  am so excited to be starting this journey with an amazing coach that I know is going to take me to big place.


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