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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

JM Fitness

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Jes Murphy is an experienced coach for fitness models and body builders 2011 to current with multiple winners and places in Natural competitions. Jes is a firm believer in practicing what she preaches inside and outside of the gym. Being a great role model and coach is her priority. This is why she continues to inspire many women and men to continue to follow the dreams and achieve their desired results. Her specialties include female fat loss and nutritional programming & Competition Prep. Currently her clientele boasts a large number of female figure and fitness models and she is known for helping people from all walks of life achieve life changing physique transformations. Ask Jes about her Presentation Coaching workshops for Body Building and Fitness Model Competitions.
  • 1st place ANB Sydney titles for Ms Figure (novice & short) 2010
  • 5th place ANB Australian titles for Ms Figure Open short class 2011
  • Official INBA Judge 2012 & 2013 • Placed top 5 IFBB Bikini March 2013
  • Selected to compete IFBB Tahiti Aug 2014 in bikini
  • 2nd Place IFBB Tahiti Ms Figure tall class
  • 6th out of 35 in WBFF 1st show in Australia Diva Fitness Model
  • Official INBA Judge 2015 & MC
  • 4th place IFBB Sydney Classic Bikini Open
  • Arnold Classic Melbourne Bikini open
  • WBFF fitness Diva 4th May 2016
  • WBFF fitness Diva 3rd Oct 2016
  • WBFF fitness Diva top 6 May 2017-05-23
Her formal qualifications include:
  • Charles Poliquin Level 2 PICP Strength Coach 2012
  • Charles Poliquin Level 1 PICP Strength Coach 2012
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 2011
  • AIF Master Trainer and Group Fitness instructor cert 2008
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature 2013 (April 2013)
  • Charles Poliquin BioPrint 2014
  • Sponsored by Clean Health Personal Training 2011
  • Sponsored by Complete Supplements Australia 2011
  • Lorna Jane Ambassador 2011 & 2012
  • Sponsored by ASN, Australian Sports Nutrition Neutral Bay 2012
  • Sponsored By Aussie Supps Hornsby 2013
  • Sponsored by ASN Supplements Drummoyne 2015


  Level 2 trainer. Email: Experience: Experience training men and women for body building, bikini & fitness model comps PTC Amateur Powlerlifting competition 2017 Advanced PT coaching course with Ella Martyn Posing coaching for all catagories and federations; men & women   Qualifications: Cert III & IV in Fitness Group Exercise Instructor cert Community coaching cert   Achievements: -    1st place WFF Sydney Grand Classic in Sports Model Open Class 2 2016 -    1st place WFF Sydney Grand Classic in Sports Model Novice 2016 -    Invitation to compete WFF world -    1st place INBA Australian Championship Ms Sports Model Momma 2016 -    2nd place INBA Superbodies Ms Figure 2016 -    2nd place ANB South Coast Ms Figure 2016  


Level 1 trainer Email: With over 15 years experience in fitness and athletic performance, Levi is passionate about Functional Training, he enjoys using different training tools like free weights, kettle bells, suspension training, resistance bands and different striking techniques from Boxing and Krav Maga to create a unique and challenging training experience. Qualifications:
  • Cert.
  • Cert. 4
  • IKFF Level 1
  • BOW 500 Certified trainer
  • American Football Athlete for 15 years.
  • Athletics 100, 200 & 400m Representative Team, Jalisco Mexico.
  • Handball Representative Team, Jalisco Mexico.
  • 'Retro Hercules' TV Reality Show (Strongman) 3rd place Cancun, Mexico 🇲🇽


JM Administration Email: Over 10yrs in administration. Jorrden is always happy to answer any of your questions. Jorrden provides content writing and editing services. Photography and Videography. Fitness blog writing  


    Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, JM is the path to the fittest version of yourself. Train smart with JM.   The following points guide what JM is as a brand and therefore what any JM marketing material including social media posts should emulate.     JM coaches lead by example. They are...
  • Experts in health and fitness
  • Extremely well qualified
  • Mentors
  • Supporters
  • Friendly
  • Positive
  • Trustworthy
  • Fit
  • Hard working
  • Unintimidating
  JM team members are...   The JM team are motivated, positive males and females of all ages who prioritise health and fitness. They are guided by three JM coaches who lead by example.
  • Hard working
  • Positive
  • Driven
  • Interested in health and fitness
  • Primarily based in Sydney, however can live anywhere in the world thanks to online JM plans
  • Aspire to be healthy and fit (if they’re not already) and continue to improve this
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Motivated in team and individual situations
  JM plans...
  • Include training and nutrition plans for all levels of fitness (from new beginners to elite body builders)
  • They are carefully built and selected for each team member in order to achieve their personal goals
  • Smart
…and without a doubt, they work!   ‘Train Smart’ explained:
  • At JM we don’t simply encourage team members to train hard. JM members do of course train hard, that goes without saying. More importantly, JM team members follow SMART programs that are carefully and intelligently designed to achieve specific results.


THE BUNKER is a gym concept unlike anything seen in Australia.
“We have always wondered why most gyms look and feel the same. After all, environment drives motivation, and motivation drives results, right?” “We want to make entering THE BUNKER an experience like no other gym. A place where people can use the best equipment in the world, try new fitness techniques, hear the latest beats and get inspired!”


Jes Murphy
Personal Trainer | Fitness Model
Comp Prep Specialist | Wellness Coach
Balmain Fitness
32 Robert St, Rozelle NSW 2039
M 0415 153 739
I @jes_murphy


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